An elder from my church talked about a college football player who had face paint on that referenced Philippians 4:13.  He said the player did well in the game and during the interview he gave all the glory to God.  I do not remember the team or the player’s name, I am not much of a sports fan, but I do remember the verse and awesome testimony he gave.

Since then, I have been thinking more about this verse and what it really means.  It is simple really, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  There are no difficult words, it is just saying Jesus Christ is the one who gives me strength and through that strength, I can do all things.

Now if you read this verse in its context, as you should with all bible verses, you see that Paul is telling the Philippians he has learned to be content in whatever state he is in, rich or poor, hungry or full, and that Christ gives him strength to carry on the work for His kingdom.  In Paul’s case, that is strength to work as a tent maker, to make a living, while preaching the gospel.

For me, this verse has a few significant meanings.  First, He gives me the strength to work to further His kingdom, He gives me strength to build on my marriage, and He also gives me strength to support me and my family.

For His kingdom:

God has blessed me with a logical mind and ability to learn more of Him and of His creation through His Word.  He is teaching me so that I would be ready to give an answer to any that ask of the hope that I have in Him.  He has given me the strength to continually study His Word and to publish my thoughts in these pages.

For my marriage:

Getting married isn’t something that is just done in one day, it is continual process where everyday you work to build it better than the previous day.  Love isn’t just said, it is shown through actions to the smallest detail like doing the dish, walking the dogs, or just straighten up the house.  Without the power of the Spirit, I know I would be slacking mightily in this department, but fortunately, I have the example of Jesus’ love for His people as a guide.  He has given me a great wife and with her, we can testify of His love with the love we have in our marriage.

For support:

He has blessed me with a great job that keeps a roof over our heads, provides for our sustenance, and beyond.  He has blessed us so much that we can give back to Him enormously and still be in abundance.  Not only has He given me a job, but He has given me the strength to do it.  I can remember a time, before being born again, when I slacked off a lot at work, did just the minimal amount of work and otherwise just did whatever I wanted.  Well, I got laid off from that company.  Now, with His power, my career is worth more, I go above and beyond, not just to keep the job, but to be a witness to all those at my company, that His Name might be glorified.

He blesses us with all the we ever need or want and He gives us the strength to use it for His glory which, in turn blesses us even more.

God is awesome!

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